“It’s all about leaving a legacy – of support and confidence and inspiration. It’s mentoring and empowering women to see that all things are possible. They can have the desires of their hearts.”
Growing up, Lou Stevens passed a one-chair barber shop on the way to school every day. She was fascinated with it, and knew that one day she’d have a one-chair salon of her very own. Lou’s mom was a “kitchen stylist,” and encouraged Lou to follow her dreams. After Lou graduated from beauty school, she inspired her mom to enroll!

Lou married her military husband young, and they moved all over the country. Everywhere they went, Lou styled in people’s kitchens. Still, she dreamed of a salon of her own. When she and her husband divorced, Lou was afraid that she was going to have to quit styling and take a retail job to support her two young children. A friend of hers told her to have faith and to trust that her business would support her. It did. “My business grew with my children,” Lou said, and began to style wedding parties.  Lou Stevens’ Glam Squad was born. Thereafter, the business continued to grow. Amanda came on board and the studio was launched.

Lou knows her faith saw her through and her dream of a one-chair salon came true – only it was different than she imagined. The studio includes full-service salon stations as well as spaces for the ‘glam’ of hair and makeup. Instead of owning only one-chair for herself, she mentors all of her stylists to run their own “one-chair salon” within her beautiful downtown space. “My passion has always been for women – especially single-moms because I was one. It’s why I speak. It’s why I advocate. It’s why I empower our clients and stylists. It’s about having faith.”

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