Think Pink

October 11, 2018

Pink, a fun color we all love. No matter if it’s neutral or hot, we all love it. This color is also the color for October. This is for breast cancer awareness. This is so much more than a color, this stands for hope. Hope in one day for a cure. We here at Lou Steven, love to show off our support for an amazing cause. We have been seeing some amazing trends lately to show off the support. We love that people are getting pink hair extensions, or going all in to a full color. These days you have to have full confidence in what you want that way you can take the leap of faith with your stylist. Our stylists love a good change, we want to make you, feel like the best version of yourself. Put your hair in our hands and you will not be sorry. Here are some trends that we love, and hopefully will inspire you as well.


Remember, we have our new stylist Lacey in the salon. She loves to color and make you feel wonderful. Come in and wear pink get 10% off.


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