Little things for the Big Day

October 25, 2018

Planning for your big day can be fun, but very stressful. No matter how much you plan there may always be something that slips in through the cracks and can get messed up for you. Never fear tho. I have some tips for you that you can avoid this. These things may be able to save your mind at the moment in time that wants to ruin your big day. If you are reading this and you know your BFF is about to endure this process take three steps and plan to see if you can make any of these things happen. On such a big day, even the smallest things can set you off. Here is a list of some of the little things that can save your big day.


  1. Gum, from waking up at dawn to partying at night be covered with good breath.
  2. Safety pins, just because you never know what that dress can do.
  3. Superglue, this can save any heel that may want to become a flat.
  4. Clear nail polish, this can save any panty hoes that may want to be on a snag that you may have missed from before.
  5. Bobby pins, for that strand of hair that wants to become loose.
  6. Makeup wipes, for when the eyeliner get smudged after crying.
  7. Advil, for all the crying or the open bar.
  8. Tide to go pen, because red wine and a dance floor can be a tricky situation.
  9. Small scissors, to cut those extra strands off those strands
  10. Travel deodorant, it’s the big day. Plenty of pictures will be taken.

We hope some of these ideas have inspired you. Don’t let the little things get in the way of your big day.

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