Costumes for you and your kids.

October 30, 2018

As halloween is Tomorrow, you may be thinking I want to dress up with my child this year. That also means you need to do some last minuet shopping. Today, I will be showing you some costume ideas you can achieve with your loved ones. You can do it as a duo or the entire family. This trend we have been seeing some fun family costumes and we want to make sure you know them all.

  1. The Wizard of Oz. Follow the yellow brick road to all the treats!
    Angele: Our family (myself, my husband and our 2 kids) Chose the Wizard of Oz theme as my daughter was obsessed with Dorothy. The costumes were mostly made by me and...
  2. Bee Keepers. Have to protect all the honey! Fun Family Halloween Costume - Bees, Beehive and Beekeeper Family Costume
  3. Cruella De Vil and her favorite DalmatianHolloween costume idea with little man!
  4. Here is a super simple but hard to find costume. Wheres waldo!Image result for family halloween costumes
  5. and just because everyone loves a good pun.

Image result for ice ice baby costume

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