Wedding Trends to Fall for this Season

September 19, 2018

From rustic revamps that redefine the classics and tradition to bold, fearless fashion that pushes boundaries and customization for the new, modern bride, here are a few of our favorite wedding trends to fall for this Fall 2018 if you’re in need of a little inspo!

[Photograph from Inside Weddings]

1 | Let’s Take It Outside

Skip the fancy hanging chandeliers and marble ballroom floors. How about we take it back to a nostalgic, outdoor, rustic wedding? Make your celebration vibrant and whimsical, while still keeping it romantic and organic with the outdoors.

[Lauren Fair Photography]

2 | Wood You Like a Drink With That?

Give your wedding celebration a sophisticated, cozy, yet elegant vibe with wooden walls and reception banquet tables. Let your tables and chairs breathe naturally that gives off a rustic feel while still maintaining its modernness. Incorporate Fall greenery and foliage details to really give it that natural pop of color.

[Photo from]

3 | Be a Bold Bride

Be a modern-day princess bride and stand out from the typical monochrome white. We dare you be bold and try some color. Neutral luxe colors mixed with romantic ruffles, cascading trains, and super-sized ball skirts are just as sophisticated, effortless, and maybe even more breathtaking than your typical bridal gown.

[Photograph by Darroch Putnam]

4 | Florals & Fruit

Look to incorporate deeper tones into your wedding design aesthetic to match with the new season! A good way to do this is trade in a few flowers for some figs and pomegranates in your floral arrangements! This will definitely give you some rich Autumn hues and deeper tones. Keep your colors rich by sticking to seasonal florals and fruit, and give your guests a full-on seasonal experience!

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