Hair Comes the Bride

September 12, 2018

You probably already know the countless amount of details that go into planning the dream wedding. Whether it’s venue shopping, cake testing, or gown fittings—the list goes on. But aside from all that, we can’t forget the most fun part of it all: getting all glamoured up for the big day. That being said, we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite wedding hairstyles done by our very own Lou Stevens Glam Squad.



1 | Chignons

There’s nothing more elegant, timeless, and effortless than a beautiful chignon resting low on your neck. It might be simple but surely tasteful and sophisticated.


2 | Braids

Braids are everlasting when it comes to formal, yet relaxed and romantic hairstyles. It pulls the hair from your face to make room for a sexy smokey eye.


3 | Waves & Curls

You can never go wrong with a simple wavy hairstyle. Whether it’s small waves, big waves, full on curls, or maybe it’s half up/half down or in a ponytail, this simple style can be fun and flirty! The trick to having amazing waves is maintaining the them in your hair. For longer, withstanding longevity, don’t be afraid to hairspray the heck out of them so they can make it through the night on the dancefloor!

4 | Florals

Flower crowns are certainly still in style, but how about a fresh take on decorating your hair with flowers? Rather than just sitting them on your hair, try tucking them into your beautiful braids, buns, or waves.

5 | Headpieces

Remember when you were a little girl dreaming that one day you would get to marry your prince charming? While some brides may choose to wear a tiara on their big wedding day, we like incorporating these beautiful delicate headpieces as an alternative instead.

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