Celebrities That Make Us Want To Go Blonde

September 28, 2018

Who thinks blondes have more fun? From what we’ve seen, Hollywood definitely does and seeing so many celebrities go lighter over the years can be very convincing. Who says you have to cross over to the dark side for the colder months ahead? Stand out and go lighter instead, change it up this year! If you’re in need of more convincing, take a look at these jaw-dropping celebrity hair switch ups that will have you calling our Lou Stevens colorists for an appointment!

Image result for rachel mcadams      Image result for rachel mcadams

1 | Rachel McAdams

From natural brunette to dewey blonde, she pulls off both looks so gracefully and we can’t get enough of her!


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2 | Kylie Jenner

This young, thriving billionaire beauty entrepreneur always comes out with a new look every day… And we’re not exaggerating. She’s probably tried on almost every color of the spectrum and she always pulls it off with perfection, but we’re completely sold on her icy platinum blonde—where it’s a short shoulder chop or a long, full look, we can never get enough of this stunner!


Related image          Related image

3 | Ariana Grande

This dangerous woman is usually known for her signature sleeked ponytail but lately she’s been changing the hair game when she decided to let that pony go and swap out the gorgeous caramel for an icy platinum blonde… And might we say, it is equally as mesmerizing.


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4 | Beyoncé

I mean… When is the Queen B not looking like perfection? Absolutely love, love, love.


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5 | Ashley Benson

One of our favorites, and always effortlessly pretty… Even as a blonde! This Pretty Little Liars star went back to blonde and she continues rocking it!


Image result for lily collins      Related image

6 | Lily Collins

Lily Collins is such a natural beauty and no stranger to experimenting with her style, this includes hair! Although she only went blonde for one day, she looked absolutely stunning and we hope to see more of it again one day!

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