A Look Into Our Studio

September 26, 2018

Wouldn’t you agree that a pretty and aesthetically pleasing workspace make for a happier, more productive team? We, at Lou Stevens, believe that keeping our team happy will naturally increase their productivity and their desire to create high quality results that will reflect their work environment.

It’s not just about the pretty pink décor, the golden accents, and the fresh plants that make the studio so spectacular. As fabulous as our space looks, our team chose each piece of furniture, each wall-hanging, each light fixture, and even each waste basket with care so that everything works it’s purpose in ensuring that each member of our glam squad is happy to come into work and reach their full potential.


Our studio has an open concept that encourages collaborative work. Each work station is a part of one large, shared space. Big glass windows, open doorways, a loft space with couches and chairs complete with fuzzy pillows sets the value of transparency. Our studio is an embodiment of Lou Stevens itself—progressive, trendy, and glamorous. 


Is there anything worse than stepping into your work space for the day and seeing products and supplies that completely clutter and litter the entire work space, other team members’ personal effects spread throughout the studio? Our studio’s clean aesthetic is amazing, and is a completely de-cluttered zone. Our glam squad works together to make sure that no personal items are left straggling around and that everything is stored in their rightful places.


The Lou Stevens Studio is overflowing with beauty, positivity, and a unique work culture. It’s clearly in part due to the dreamy, inspiring space that was carefully curated to ensure the highest of quality work produced by our team. Come check out the space for yourself, located on Broad Street of Richmond.


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