What’s in my Makeup bag

June 1, 2017

I’ve always found myself loving the articles in magazines where they dig into someone’s purse and talk about contents within them. Because in many ways when a woman gives you her purse you can find out a lot about her based upon what is inside. So after reading People Magazine and coming across one of those articles the other day, I thought it would be an amazing idea to go through some of the glammies makeup bags.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be raiding their very own personal makeup collections, not their professional kits for clients, to see what products that they use on a daily basis, and the first person who has fallen victim to this random search is Alexis! For those of you who don’t know her, Alexis is our Director of Social Media and Public Relations, she’s the girl behind the scenes of our instagram, facebook, and even plans many of the events that we throw. But more importantly she does not do an ounce of hair and makeup unless it’s on herself. Which is why she has the perfect makeup bag to raid!

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My heart quickly melted when she handed over her makeup bag because it is a Glam Squad one that I had given her as a gift a few weeks ago. The bag is pretty large and we couldn’t possibly go through all of the contents of it so I just had Alexis pull out the products that she uses on a daily basis (to my surprise she does actually use a majority of products in the bag). 

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“I have tried so many different foundations. Just before the one that I’m using now I had been using Clinque and to be honest the coverage that these drug store products have for my face is just as good and at a fraction of the price. more bang for my buck,” Alexis said.

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These eyeshadow colors are definitely some of my favorite and I almost stole it from Alexis after swatching a few of the colors on my arm. As soon as you open it there is the sweet smell of peach that is to die for. It is such a perfect summer palette and can easily be transitioned into colors for winter

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These products are definitely some of Alexis’ favorites, (you can tell by just how much she’s used that blush). “I’ve been super into highlighting lately, I’m not sure why but I just like that soft glowy look. I can never achieve it the way I want it but I definitely do my best.” 


Alexis says she’s learned a lot about makeup through observing The Glam Squad Academy classes. “There are just so many tips and tricks that I never thought about. I know that it’s not that big of a secret anymore but I used to always do my foundation first then eyeshadow and now I always start with my eyes first and move on from there.” 

I had such a blast going through Alexis’ makeup bag. It is a way that I can see new products and test them out for myself and even use them on brides. I can’t wait to go through another glammie’s makeup bag next week! Any guesses on whose it might be? 

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