A Night with Vendors

May 6, 2017

What most people don’t realize is that when you work in the wedding industry you are working with more than just the people in your company, you are working with a multitude of different vendors and teams each and every day. More often than not we are invited to open houses hosted by some of our favorite wedding venues or parties thrown by some of our favorite wedding planners and people in the industry. 

Because of this, it was very important for us to have a night where we could honor the people in the wedding industry that we work with each and every day, so..cue the first ever Glam Squad Vendor Open House!  


The team and I had  been planning this event for weeks and we had an absolute blast setting up the studio with sweets, wine (because is it a Glam Squad event without it?) and coconut macaroons and Miss Priss Tea Co’s signature tea blend. With candles lit, our glammies Kimmy and Jane set up to provide lips and lashes for some of our guests, and the smell of sugar from the cotton candy machine floating through the air we couldn’t wait to spend a relaxed evening with our friends outside of the work environment. 

It’s not often that wedding professionals have a day off, and when we do that day falls on a week day because our weekends are constantly booked with well..weddings! It was so nice to be able to introduce some of our friendors, to other people in the industry and to have the support from our Renaissance Men, Jon and Tommy, going into the night. When it comes to your wedding you hire individual businesses that then become a team on your special day. We work with the photographers, like Amber with Amber Kay Photography and Jamie with Hayes and Fisk Photography who were just a few of the people in attendance, to make sure that the bride’s hair and makeup is perfect for the photos and that the bridal party is ready in time for their first photos of the day to take place. 

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We also work with people from venues like The Jefferson, Celebrations at the Reservoir, Quirk Hotel and Upper Shirley Vineyards along with a large amount of other locations to have a location that is absolutely perfect to do hair and makeup for the bride and bridal party. It was the beautiful rooms that we worked in at different wedding venues that inspired our very own bridal suite in our new Glam Squad Studio. 

Our suite is decorated with a gorgeous wedding dress from Tiffany’s Bridal and a selection of veils for our brides to try on during their trial appointment. It was such a fun experience getting to show some of our vendors exactly what its like to be in the Glam Squad Studio, and to even show a few of them what it is like to have the glam experience by giving them the lips and lashes special. 

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But the most fun that was had during the evening was in the photo booth that we set up to celebrate the occasion. We set up our filming room with lights and props to document all the fun that was had. All of us took turns laughing and posing together to celebrate not only the future of the Glam Squad but each other and all of the hard work that we do. And with wedding season about to be in full swing it was definitely the type of celebration we all needed. This small open house has gotten me even more excited for our big Grand Opening of the New Studio later this summer! If you would like to attend the event RSVP to [email protected] to request your invitation!




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