Riding the Wave

April 11, 2017

With the our logo plastered upon the front of our new studio space and the bright flashes of pink and gold drawing everyone’s eyes towards us it only made sense for us here at the Glam Squad to take part in our first every First Friday. I had heard about the event quite sometime ago but had never really had the opportunity to know what First Friday’s were all about so I decided to do a little bit of research.

And as soon I found out what First Friday’s were all about, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. For those of you who are unaware, First Friday’s is an event that takes place in Richmond that occurs on the first Friday of every month. All up and down Broad Street which showcases Richmond’s Art District, local artists open up their art gallery’s or businesses to celebrate the art and culture that makes up the City of Richmond and this past Friday The Glam Squad opened up its doors as well. 

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To prepare for the night, we all met up at the studio a few hours before Broad Street was flooded with Richmond residents, to make sure the space was perfect. The goal was for every single person that walked into the studio to feel like they were a part of our Glam Fam. We set up various hair and makeup stations throughout the space offering complementary makeovers while serving free wine and cotton candy for all who came through! Along with the glammies we had our intern, and honorary glammie Tynker who at such a young age, shares the same passion that I had for the beauty industry when I was her age there to help out as well as they manned the cotton candy machine. 

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One of my very favorite parts of the evening was how many people I was able to interact with, by opening up the doors of the studio. Many of the people that we met, never having their hair and makeup done. However, there was one moment in particular who came into our studio with two of her best friends not knowing what she was getting herself into when she first entered, that stood out to me the most. After talking to the women, her friends revealed that her husband had called her before they came into the studio asking if they could go on a dinner date that night. 

When I heard that, I immediately insisted that she let me or one of the glammies do her hair and makeup for the date and after a little bit of persuading she sat in the chair at the front of the studio. While she was getting her makeup done she told us that her husband is a self proclaimed workaholic and doesn’t have much free time to go on dates, so that night was already something special and being able to have her hair and makeup done made the occasion all the more special! 

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I was just amazed by how successful our First Friday experience was and I can not contain my excitement for next months! It was so great being able to meet people I wouldn’t have normally and to be able to share The Glam Squad’s passion for hair and makeup in a different way than we are used to! 

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