Feature Friday: Vika Photography

March 10, 2017

On Monday, Amanda guest blogged and shared an inside look at a wedding that the two of us were so blessed to be a part of! If you didn’t have a chance to read that article here is is —— so you can quickly read all about Kristen’s wedding before reading about the photographer who captured the beautiful day! 

Most people always ask me what my wedding must haves are, and among the many that  a bride can’t live without, one of those is a good photographer. Richmond is an amazing area, full of even better vendors, so it is always hard to choose a photographer to capture the moments. Vika Photography did an amazing job doing just that before the “I do’s” and after them! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.41.33 PM

If you haven’t heard of the company, it is run by a woman named Ushavani Vika Jadego, but she goes by “Sushie” for short. The name of Vika Photography came from her middle name as well as the meaning that the word holds! Vika is a Latin word that means victorious and conquerer, and Sushie’s photography business is all about capturing life’s little moments and big victories! So as she grew up photography and photos were always the way that her and her family did just that! 

Sushie said that she loves being able to look at old pictures of her parents and hearing stories of how the met and the adventures that they went on together. Because of that she loves being able to be the one who takes the photos for couples so that one day they can share their wedding day stories as well!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.40.18 PMWith photographs, she says that she is able to better imagine the stories, the faces, the places and all of the small little details begin to come to life which is where her belief in capturing the little everyday moments and the big victories came from! 

Just like us here at the Glam Squad, Sushie has a big heart, and she uses Vika Photography to help spread the love! Just like we love giving back to the community (click here to watch our Night to Shine video with the Tim Tebow Foundation) Sushie gives back to the community that she is from as well! Not only will you be receiving beautifully captured images with Vika Photography, but a purchase of what you pay goes to help those in need from Guyana, where she was originally born.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.38.32 PMWith her aim to capture and create joy it was such a pleasure to have her as part of our wedding team for Kristen’s special day! Her images are layered with boldness and color and those are two traits that we pride ourselves in having at the Glam Fam! We are beyond obsessed with the photos from Kristen’s wedding, visit Sushie’s website to see all of the photos from the day and share in the magic that took place! (Kristen’s Wedding Day Photos)

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