A Saturday Spotlight: Amber Kay Photography

March 25, 2017

I am very excited for today’s Feature Friday because it is about one of the newest additions to The Shoppes at The Renaissance, Amber Kay with Amber Kay Photography! We are so very happy to have her bubbly (and sparkly!) personality with us in our home here! Much like me, Amber is a lover of love, in our industry you kind of have to be! And much like me Amber loves searching for the beauty inside of each person she encounters, even when that person struggles to see it for themselves. However Amber and I find the beauty in different ways, I find it as I talk to the women who sit in my makeup chair and hear about their life, and how they found love and she finds that beauty with her camera. 

Something that many people always ask me is “why weddings” and it’s a question that all wedding vendors get asked quite a bit. For Amber, she chose weddings simply because people in love are a joy to be around and it really is true! Weddings are just an environment that oozes with happiness, so the better question is, why not weddings. 

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What makes Amber so good at what she does is that she does not focus on a particular sort of wedding but rather specializes in all types of weddings. She has photographed rustic weddings, urban weddings, small and big weddings, weddings on beaches, if you can name a type wedding then she’s definitely photographed it! But her favorite weddings are the ones that you can feel the electricity of the bride and grooms love. 

Her photography consists of images that are thoughtfully captured and elegant. Amber loves capturing moments rather than staging them which is why she tries to keep all interaction with the camera on wedding day organic rather than posed. Much like with your experience with the Glam Squad, Amber wants your experience with her to be filled with fun, joy, and complete ease! 

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As wedding pros, we are well aware of how much stress is present on that big day, which is why one of our goals is to do anything that we can to alleviate any stress that we can! For example when you book with us here at the Glam Squad, Kaitlyn, our Director of Bridal Services creates a schedule for you and your bridesmaids to ensure that your hair and makeup is complete on time, and even adds in time for touch ups. So by the time photographers like Amber arrive you are ready to go and all of those worries can be lifted off of your shoulders!

Some of Amber’s favorite images are the ones that capture the groom staring in awe at the bride walking down the aisle, or the image of your father tearing up as he gives you away because those moments are genuine and the ones that last a lifetime. And one thing that Amber wants you to know about her? She will most likely, well most definitely be crying at your wedding because watching you say “I do,” and being able to capture that moment is one of her favorite things in the world. 

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All photographs in this blog post are property of Amber Kay Photography- visit her website to learn more about Amber and view all of her incredible photos 

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