Feature Friday: Carin’s Story

February 3, 2017

This experience had God’s hands all over it:

People chose their mission in life in order to heal their pasts. In my life and so many other women’s lives around me have suffered silently from physical, verbal and emotional abuse. For example, Malory’s aunt was murdered by her husband, who was her abuser.  News anchor Amy Lacy from Channel 8, reached out to me via email at the perfect time, and out of nowhere said she was inspired to do this the when she had been doing research research and saw my background and passion for this mission.

And God’s hands were even more involved in my meeting with Carin. I immediately thought that I would message Benita from The Shoppes at the Renaissance to ask if she could help me find a survivor.  Long story short… Benita had the perfect woman in mind and so we arranged to meet for lunch. A few days later I met Carin and we hugged but I did not see Bonita anywhere. Then Carin hugged this strange woman next to me and said, “Bonita! There you are.”  At that very moment I freaked!  It was not my friend Benita, it was someone else entirely! I told the two that I had forgotten something in the car, so I could find someway to get myself together.  When I finally did we could not believe the way God put the three of us together in such a strange circumstance! Let me explain, when I had gone to message Benita, I messaged the wrong Benita! And because I have so may friends on facebook I had absolutely no idea until that very day!
 Finally the day for the makeover came and it was very surreal! The environment in the room for everyone else, well I can’t even say how it was to be honest. I was very much in my head and my heart was swelling with thoughts of how amazing it was to have met Carin, and to hear her story and about what she had gone through. And even after all that she has come out so strong, and seems to get stronger each and everyday! I didn’t hear the music that was playing, I can’t recall jokes any jokes that were said.  And during that experience I felt more humbled than I have in a very long time.
 Before coming for the makeover, Carin had gotten a new look from her stylist, a new cut and a new color, so I just wanted to give her a little lift!  I love doing short styles like hers by applying dry shampoo at the root( it adds so much body to fine, limp hair) Then I use working spray (heavily concentrating on the root) and then brush that through, before using the flat iron to sculpt out curls in a “C’ pattern all over her head.  I let that set while I did make-up and then went back to hair and brushed it out.
 And for the make-up? I did a smokey eye because they are the best for mature make-overs. And for that I used my Naked Smokey Palette and the matte colors in it because using shimmer makes wrinkles more obvious! And then  I did a light layer of airbrush!  Airbrush is so great for mature skin as long as you make sure keep it light. And for I chose a muted rose lip gloss stain by Victoria Secret called “Love Always.”  It is my favorite lip color ever and I use it constantly!!
 After everything was done, I gave her the tube so she could touch it up during her date with her hubby that night!
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