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November 23, 2016

I’ve been stalking the runways, pinterest, and instagram feeds and I’ve been obsessing over the trends that I’ve been seeing lately! Some of them are coming straight off of the runway while others are from brides who are too creative for words! Either way I love being in an industry that is constantly growing and changing in ways that are too amazing to put into words!

I’m going to start off with hair and makeup trends that I’ve noticed because clearly that’s where my heart is! The first major trend that I noticed was the no makeup, makeup look. And no I’m not talking about the “natural” makeup look that the Kardashian’s have seem to perfect but rather a softer makeup look that leaves your face with just a subtle sort of glow.


This makeup look focuses on making the eyes look brighter, the skin look fresh and clean, and adding a little bit of a natural color to the cheeks. Creating a look that seems as though the bride isn’t wearing any makeup at all, only enhancing your natural beauty! And this is a look that we’ve been having more and more brides asking us for more and more lately so it only makes sense that it popped up on the runway this season as well!

And the no makeup makeup look isn’t just something that brides are doing but that bridesmaids are experimenting with as well! Our Glammie Ashley proved that during one of our brides, Meredith’s wedding at the Omni Hotel in Richmond. Her bridesmaid looked absolutely stunning with her dewy and fresh faced look that really brought out the shades of green in her hazel eyes! And just that hint of color on her cheeks gives her a natural flush that is perfect for a wedding taking place during any season! A great tip for this is to finish off the look with a nude lip completing the natural look in a fashion forward way.


A trend that you have definitely seen popping up even more, especially if you keep up with our instagram feed and what our current brides have been wanting with their hair are braids. Braids have always been so much fun for our team to do because every single one is different and there are so many different ways you can do them! There are the normal three strand braids, french braids, basket weaved braids, fishtail braids and so many more that I think I could write an essay for all of them! But I think my point in my listing them is that each braided hairstyle is always so unique and that’s something that brides (and bridesmaids) seem to really enjoy on their wedding day which only makes sense that it is a top trend in the bridal industry right now!


Braids also act as a way to describe an individual brides style which is another reason why almost every bride we have had lately has asked for some sort of braid in their hair for their wedding day! The styles can go from romantic to edgy and I love being able to sit down with a bride during her preview to get a feel of her personality and what she is looking for in terms of her hair for the wedding day and being able to incorporate both her personality and desires into a gorgeous hairstyle that she will love whenever she looks back at the pictures! The glammies and I have definitely been obsessed with doing all sorts of braids lately! Even during The Wedding MBA in Las Vegas we caught a glimpse of this AMAZING braid on one of the girls in our beauty room and we automatically tried it that night when we went out! A pro tip for a more romantic braid however is to add multiple layers of braids to make hair look thicker and lets be honest we are just swooning over all things braids no matter how many layers there are in it!


Another makeup look that people are gravitating for is what most people refer to as the natural makeup look, it’s not as bold as what I referred to as the Kardashian look but it does focus on the different brown and natural colors like gold’s and coper colors as well! This definitely keeps with the natural theme that has been popping up all over the place lately. I know that in a rush I pick up my neutral palette and swipe a light brown on my lid and a darker one on my crease because the colors are simple yet they go so well with everything. This is definitely one of those trends that won’t make you look back and think “My god what did I do” and it’s hands down, a makeup look that will stay around for a long time.


This is such a timeless look that it’s actually one of the first things we teach in our Makeup Course at The Glam Squad Academy. More often than not brides don’t come in asking for bold and over the top eyes and red lips (no matter how excited I might get if they do) but rather a more natural look and more often than not that means sticking to that brown neutral palette that I mentioned up above and working your magic with those tones. And learning a the basic natural eye is the building block to doing those bold smokey eyes so if you can perfect those brown shades you are one step away from perfecting that shimmery gorgeous night look!


And with the weather being cooler and the humidity not drowning us and making us look like wet rats one of the biggest trends I’ve been noticing is loose waves. Or as the trend masters say.. Laissez Hair this hairstyle definitely embodies the flowy bohemian look that a lot of brides are trying to embody for their weddings! These sort of hairstyles include soft and loose curls, lose textured updos with wisps framing the face, and a plethora of half up half down hair styles that are extremely smooth and flowing.

fullsizerender-1 Shannon Hennessy 

This is one of the hairstyles that has been asked for almost as much as the braids lately! One of my most recent favorites that I’ve done had to have been for the ever so lovely Jenny McQueen on her big day! For that day Jenny took a break from working weddings and being behind the camera to be the main focus and I was so ecstatic to do such a close friends hair for such a special day! And she definitely embraced this trend with her half up half down hairstyle!

fullsizerender Kimie James

And I think my absolute favorite trend that I came across in all of my wedding fanfare would have to be one that is a little…untraditional, and extremely hard for just anyone to pull off. Brace yourself….a yellow wedding dress. When I first heard about this I was definitely wary but then as I kept seeing more and more photos I found myself falling in love. I’m all for the traditional white wedding dress but I know for many white just never seemed to be the option for their wedding day. I’ve seen black, red, but the color yellow definitely shocked me more than either of those two. And honestly…it might just be my favorite color wedding dress besides white or ivory!

fullsizerender-6 @greenweddingshoes on instagram

Although all of these are taking the wedding scene by trend it is so important to remember that your wedding is exactly that, YOURS. You never have to follow whatever trends are out there and you have the ability to create your very own trend based on what you love on you special day too! All of these ideas came from brides that knew what they wanted and went against the grain to make these trends exactly what they are (come on yellow dresses, with that trend absolutely anything is possible).



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