Matrimonial Monday: Nena

November 21, 2016

Your wedding day can be extremely hectic and stress filled! Especially when you have a deadline to to meet and have to be ready at a certain time, that’s why the Glam Squad takes it upon ourselves to handle ALL of your hair and makeup needs and to lay out the schedule so there is nothing for the bride to worry about except for sitting back and being pampered! And more often than not our brides always seem to be on top of things anyways! But with Nena… her entire family was on top of everything to ensure that day went as perfectly as possible!

And that might have just been for the fact that Nena has two sisters…and the three girls were married all within three months of each other (all of them choosing the Glam Squad to help them get ready for their big days!!!). When we walked into the room at the Life Church we were immediately enveloped in the sounds of laughter and women full of excitement and giant smiles spread across their faces.


Nena sat down in the chair to get her hair pin curled and she couldn’t be more excited exclaiming “Let’s get this show on the road!” A phrase that she said became their motto for the wedding! Nena and Jason definitely expressed that passionate and head over heels love with just that little saying.

Nena and Jason met online on the ever so popular and Nena said that the process was grueling and long…until she met Jason. They had their first date at Karen’s Diner one Sunday after church. Nena said the thing that she remembered the most was what Jason was wearing, he was in a black suit and black cowboy boots (an outfit that they both love so much that he wore that on the wedding day too!) On that first date Nena felt that he was a nice guy, but by the second day she was hooked and could see a future with Jason. So fast forward five months and Jason got down on one knee to pop the big question.


Nena and her sisters are teachers so they raced against the clock to get most of the wedding planned this past summer and then using some time on the weekends in between to make the final decisions! Nena was extremely lucky to have extremely talented friends, one who made the bridesmaid dresses and another one who made the center pieces for the reception.

Nena also had gorgeous flowers that completed everything and even had little flower crowns for the flower girls to wear made by the ever so lovely Flowers Make Scents!


Nena and Jason had such a beautiful wedding and we loved every second of being a part of it! Nena and Jason are living it up on a carnival cruise for their Honeymoon and we wish the couple all the best!


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