Feature Friday: The Quirk Hotel

November 18, 2016

One of my favorite things about living in Richmond are all of the unique and quirky places that are all around the city. I think that’s even one of the first things I noticed when I moved here from Wisconsin! And even after all of these years of living here I still hear about little hole in the wall places that have been around forever for the first time almost everyday! One place that I think embodies The City of Richmond perfectly would be the ever so lovely Quirk Gallery Hotel.


The hotel itself came from the ideas of the owners of the Quirk Gallery which has been part of the Richmond art scene every since 2005. The Gallery is located right next to the hotel which is housed in a building of Italian Renaissance design built in the 1900’s. The hotel has beautiful limestone arches and groin ceilings making the building not only historically unique but also visually unique as well!


We have had so many weddings here recently, whether the wedding at the hotel itself or the bridal party is just getting ready there, it seems to be a location gaining popularity extremely quickly and for pretty obvious reasons!┬áThe hotel seems to have it all, with a cocktail bar being the center of the Quirk Hotel experience, a coffee shop near the lobby that offers a European-styled coffee experience, a Rooftop bar, and even it’s own restaurant, called Maple & Pine.


The Quirk Hotel believes that your special day deserves an equally special backdrop and it is the perfect place to provide that. It provides some of the most authentic Richmond wedding venues that can make your rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception absolutely to die for! I’m definitely obsessed with everything about this place and I love when we have brides that want us to help them get ready there! The hotel is just a block away from our office so I stop by their coffee shop near the lobby almost religiously when I am at the office because it is just that good!


I think the most fun that I had there was when Malory and I got to go there to help out with lips and lashes for head shots for women attending a Wedding Stationary conference and retreat! And let me just tell you, hair and makeup are my passion, but I am definitely a stationary obsessed freak so it was amazing to get to meet some of these women and put two things I love together in a place that I love just as much as well!


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