Feature Friday: Ryan Jones

November 11, 2016

We’ve talked about the special guests that we have at the Glam Squad Academy, the amazing Jenny McQueen who taught us how to get the perfect picture for instagram, but we also had the ever so fabulous Ryan Jones (who moonlights as the even more fabulous Bleu Devereaux) come to teach a contour class to our Glam Squad Academy Makeup Course and honestly lets be real who is better to teach a contour class than a drag queen?!

And Ryan definitely left his mark on our class with his hilarious and exciting personality! He started off the night by sharing just how he masters the perfect contour by giving us and the students in the Academy a few tips!

  1. Make sure you have a few specific brushes you like instead of having a bunch that you have to keep track off
  2. Find the right powders to use and make sure you have the right colors on your client
  3. In regards to bridal contouring though- make sure you are using a more natural look by going lightly in the cheek creases


We loved being able to have Ryan share his passion for makeup with us! Ryan also works for Japanesque Makeup and swears by all of their products. You may remember me talking about their makeup removing wipes in a Lou Day Tuesday post describing my favorite ways to remove makeup. I can’t wait to have Ryan back for our next Makeup Course, we are thinking….Dramatic Eye makeup this time!

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