Team Thursday: What Makes a Team

October 6, 2016

 What many people don’t know is I started the Glam Squad on my own, and it was just me walking around with my makeup chair and pulling up to a wedding. I never thought that things would have grown to the level that they did. Slowly but surely we became a team that includes 25 stylists.


I was so nervous to bring people in, this business is my baby, so it only made sense for me to start growing with the help of family. The first person I brought on was Amanda, who is now CEO and Master Stylist! The Glam Squad is as good as it is because the two of us work so well together. We are polar opposites, me being the creative one and Amanda being able to reel me in and execute the things that are possible! I am now blessed to work with my daughter, my sister, and my niece. This sort of environment has made the Glam Squad not only group of co-workers but also a family! And not just because some of us are blood!


We are so supportive of one another and that support not only takes place during the work place, but also outside of it! We are constantly in contact and keeping one another updated on what is going on in our day to day lives as well! Teams are made up of people that have specific roles and each girl is a vital part of the well oiled machine that we have going on!


Because I opened up to the idea of asking for help when I first brought on Amanda, I have realized just how successful working with a team can be! Our most recent addition is Alexis, our Director of Social Media and Marketing! She is definitely a combination of both me and Amanda, which makes it so funny to watch in action. She has brought another piece to the team that I didn’t even realize was missing until it got here!


What I love is that The Glam Squad is constantly growing! And one way that we are growing is through the Glam Squad Academy! We are training girls in both hair and makeup and would love to expand that to anyone who has a passion for working in the bridal industry! If you are interested in joining the family please feel free to email us to get signed up for the Academy just email [email protected], I can’t see what piece of the puzzle you will bring to the Glam Fam!

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