Matrimonial Monday: Christina

October 24, 2016

Love at first sight is definitely a notion that most don’t believe in anymore. People tend to roll their eyes during movies when the two main characters lock eyes and the fates seem to twist and turn them together, and now-a-days it just seems like something you don’t hear about anymore. But for Christina and Brian, love at first sight was exactly what it was. Even though the two knew for certain that they were each others end game, they decided it would be best to wait and not let the emotions run the show!


Amanda was all ears when it came to hearing about just how Christina and Brian had fallen in love and Christina was more than happy to share their story. Brian proposed to Christina with an extremely cheesy pun, but one that won her over completely! He handed Christina a package of pencils and told her that life without her and their dog was absolutely pointless. And that cheesy little pun got the ball rolling for their wedding day at Celebrations at the Reservoir.


The two planned the wedding out together, something that is a little unheard of for most weddings. But Christina and Brian definitely embody that in marriage you are supposed to work as a team! Christina was a little stressed but she was so excited about how everything was turning out and she couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle and meet her best friend and the love of her life at the alter.


Amanda helped Christina weave her hair into a gorgeous updo with a pin in the back to make it pop. The entire time Christina was getting her hair and makeup done her two flower girls never left her side! They were enchanted by how gorgeous Christina looked and we couldn’t wait for her to step into her new life as Mrs. Christina Nelson. Something that her photographer Aaron Watson as ell as her videographer Chris Wooden captured for her to watch over and over again!

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