Lou Day Tuesday: Ask Lou

October 11, 2016

A glamercency can happen way too often for anyone’s liking. But these emergencies can be less stressful with the help of just a few items.

I mean come on, lets be honest, we have all had those few moments when we’ve been digging through our purse for a bobby pin, or a hair tie. But wouldn’t it be ten times easier if we had little pouch of go to items?

The answer is absolutely yes. But then comes the question of what is absolutely important to have in your necessity pouch. If you have too many things in there then you just face the same messy problem! Every person is going to be different, but here are a few of my glamercency necessities!

Mascara. It is such an easy way to make your face fresh and your eyes brighter that it only makes sense to make sure you have a spare floating around in your bag! When your lashes look amazing you feel amazing, and I can not tell you how much I love getting a compliment on how long my lashes look! It’s a sure fire way to boost your confidence quickly if you only have a ¬†little time!


Bobby Pins. I have short hair but for some reason I always have them floating around in my bag. Even if I don’t use them they can save the day for anyone you might meet throughout the day!


And finally, my one makeup item that I could not survive with if I was stuck on a desert island…lip gloss or lip color. I CANNOT stand a bare lip. It glams up your look in an instant and just makes you feel absolutely fierce!

You never know when a glamercency will strike! Let us know what your go to items are in the comments or on Instagram! I would love to know just how all of you stay fabulous in a pinch!

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