Matrimonial Monday: Lindsay

August 22, 2016

July 30, 2016, we had the great pleasure of doing hair and makeup for Lindsay and her bridal party at The Historic Tredegar.  It was raining upon arrival, but at the last moment, the clouds parted and it soon became the perfect day to get married.





Lindsay had a rather large bridal party and required both hair and makeup services for 10 people.  The glam Squad didn’t even think twice about doing such a large group.  We once did a bridal party with 27 people, so for The Glam Squad, this was a piece of cake.  With a large team of 20 stylists, we sent out three of our best (although they’re all the best :P)  to get them ready.  Kaitlyn did Lindsay’s hair and Ashley did her makeup.  Erica was also there hooking up some of the bridesmaids with makeup.





We had such a great time hanging out with Lindsay and her bridal party!!  Mike Topham Photography always takes the best images and without them, we would not have been able to boast about our gorgeous bride, Lindsay.  Amanda Perry, CEO of The Glam Squad, used them as her wedding day photographers, as well.  So, great choice Lindsay!  If you want to look perfect on your special day, contact Lou Stevens Glam Squad.

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