June 8, 2016

After 26 years in the wedding industry Lou Stevens has encountered every type of bride.  There is the antsy bride, who feels like everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  Then there is the bride that leaves everything to the last minute, and many others.  But the worst kind of bride is the dreaded bridezilla.

The exact definition of a bridezilla is a woman whose behavior in planning her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding.  However, when asked about her worst bridezilla story, Lou struggled to think of a bride that fit that description.

bride screaming

“I can’t think of a specific bride that sticks out to me.  But there was this one mother who was just… it was a sad story,” cue the term Motherzilla of the Bride.  Lou has encountered more bridesmaids and mom’s being the difficult ones at weddings.  “I was doing the dau
hters hair and she loved it,” said Lou, “But the mother didn’t like it all.  It was what the daughter wanted but not what momma wanted.”

Lou described how she had to eventually leave the room because of how intense and stressful it got between the two of them, “I just remember feeling really sad because the mom ended up winning.  It was her daughters day and the mom made it about her.”  Lou said that there were plenty of stories that she has but that one she remembers distinctly because of how sad the interaction made her.

bride smacks groom over head with bouquet

Lou’s Tips for dealing with a Motherzilla:

  1. It is important for me to always remember pleasing the mom is important.  Sometimes, they are the one paying the bill.  If that’s the case, then it is mandatory that I calm myself down and make the mom’s opinion feel important to me.
  2. Even if they are not paying, I’m always mindful that the bride loves her mother… probably… and wants me to treat her mother kindly and with respect.
  3. I always remember that it is a highly stressful day for them.  The beauty of it is, it’s not my wedding or my daughters wedding, so I can keep a cool head.


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