Feature Friday: Jessica at The Jefferson!

February 19, 2016

Meet Jessica, formerly Lofgren, now Malhotra!


I’ve know Jessica since I was 15. It was awesome when she called and requested me for her wedding! It’s always so cool to be a part of such a big day, especially when it’s someone you’ve known half your life; someone you’ve been through a lot with. Her wedding was beautiful, and truly something to behold. Her dress was stunning and so were her bridesmaids! Mike Topham Photography gets all the credit for all these amazing pictures! Check them out, Jessica was so beautiful!

jess jess1 jess3 jess4 jess5 jess6 jess7 jess8 jess9 jess10 jess11 jess13 jess15 jess16 jess18 jess19 jess20 jess21 jess23

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