Keep Your Curls! Time to Beat the Humidity & Frizz

July 20, 2015

This summer has come in HOT, literally. This summer had been one of the hottest we’ve had in a while. We all want to still have our hair looking its best whether it’s for a get together with friends, a date, going out for a night on the town, or for a special event. We all love curls to feel fabulous, but in this heat all that hard work can go flat in just seconds! Don’t worry we are here to provide you some tips to keep those curls in tact to beat the summer heat.

If you have a natural curl or wave you should look for products that lock out humidity and combat frizz to keep curls from so you don’t look like a lioness when you step outside into the humidity. For straight or fine hair look for volumizing products to help pump up hair and extended-hold hairsprays to help keep curls from going limp. All hair types should find products that will lock in moisture and lock out humidity!



If you love spending your time by the water like most of do to keep cool but your hair is starting to look dead and fried we recommend a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask to help your curls form. You could also try a leave in conditioner before you take a dip in the water to protect it from the chlorine.


One tip is not to use a brush with curls! it will create more frizzies, instead just run your fingers through them. Lastly, another way to help hair stay healthy and hold curls better, is not to wash your hair every day, and use volumizing dry shampoo between washes.

Starting off with strong healthy hair will create a foundation that will keep your curls looking luscious all day long, and adding the right products to help will let you win against the humidity and sun!




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