Matrimonial Monday: Maddy

June 22, 2015

We are throwing it back a little bit this Monday with Maddy and Chris’ fairytale wedding! I always love to go back and look at brides that we have had the chance to work with. Each bride holds a special place in my heart. And if we are being honest, I’m a wedding junkie (thank goodness because I seem to be in the right profession) and I seem to always get inspiration for upcoming weddings from previous ones!

If there is anything I’ve learned by being in this industry is that things cycle back. Styles that were not in a few months ago come back in and the circle continues!


Maddy and Chris got married at Dover Hall and I’m just as obsessed with these photos as I was when I first saw them almost a year ago (I mean, can we expect anything else when Hayes and Fisk are the photographers?!)


Most people think that a light pink bridesmaids dresses like this wouldn’t work for fall but if there is anything that I’ve been learning lately it’s that your wedding looks don’t have to be set in the confines of what was always expected. We’ve had so many brides lately that have been pushing their wedding ideas outside of the box which helps push us out of the box.


Just imagine how gorgeous these pinks would look with the Autumn leaves that are starting to change color in the fall. If we have learned anything from this flashback it’s that there is always a way to go back into the trends from earlier years or even earlier in the previous months to find inspiration for things to come!


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