YES, you NEED airbrush makeup!

May 10, 2015


Since many people have been asking why we do airbrush and if we recommend it…

We are often asked.. What is airbrush? Do you offer airbrush? Why is airbrush usually better? 


There are always pro’s and con’s to any makeup you might use. We recommend airbrush (for most) on the wedding day and there are numerous reasons why!


This a great option to give any type of look. If you want a natural, soft look, airbrush is perfect to get this look by applying softly. If you need really good coverage, wether it be acne or birthmarks (or even tattoos!), airbrush can be layered to give great coverage without it being cakey.


Though airbrush is matte, if you want more of a dewy look, that can be achieved as well. We don’t use airbrush for blush or eyes, the end product would be too formal and stiff. We love to create soft, natural looks that can easily transition into bolder looks if a bride wants!


Here are some examples of airbrush application!

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