DIY Makeup Storage!

April 23, 2015

We know we’re makeup hoarders and addicts and that if you’re reading this, you probably have an extensive collection too! While we have our super cute Glam Squad tool kits to hold our beauty supplies for traveling, we don’t all have great at-home storage systems for our makeup! Here are some great and cute organizational ideas for your makeup brushes and products!

Use a shoe organizer or jewelry storage bag to show off your lipsticks and glosses! These run super cheap at Marshall’s and Target and come in so many colors and patterns. The clear pockets allow for you to see which colors are stored where and make it easier to find a specific lippie. You can hang in your closet to tuck away or on the back of a door to show your collection off!

A decorative plant pot or jar with some beads/stones in it creates an awesome way to store your brushes. The beads/stones separates them for quick reaching and also splay them out in such a fun way!

A magnetic board! Grab a little magnetic white board in some funky pattern and some magnetic strips with adhesive on the back at your local craft store. Place the magnetic adhesive strips on the back of your eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers and place on the board! Some heavier packaging may require more than one strip. Such a fun way to display your products but also make them easier to find!

Clear utensil draw dividers provide an easy way to store your makeup away but also keep it organized and chic!

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