DIY Berry Lip Stain!

April 2, 2015

DIY Berry Lip Stain!

We love the idea of using natural products to create our own makeup! There are a million recipes for homemade blushes, foundations and lipsticks but we liked this lip and cheek stain because it uses blackberries and raspberries, which are coming back into season! This DIY also makes for such a cute bridesmaid gift!

What you need: 5 raspberries, 5 blackberries, 1 tsp of olive oil, 2 small bowls, a strainer, and a few little containers to store the final product! 

1. Combine the blackberries and raspberries in the small bowl.

2. Using a fork, mash the berries up as much as you can! You can microwave for a few seconds to help if need be. 

3. Add in the teaspoon of olive oil and mix well.

4. Use the strainer to drain the liquid into the second bowl, leaving behind seeds and pulp.

5. Divide into the little containers. 

6. Use fingers to apply on cheeks and lips, but be sure to wash off your hands after because it’s a strong stain!

This product can last about two weeks in the fridge!!

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