Makeup Styles of the Seasons!

February 17, 2015

When planning all the details of a wedding, picking your style of makeup and what colors to use if just as important as picking the colors of flowers, decorations and even whether the venue is outdoors or indoors. The season depicts the mood and the colors of your wedding; therefore, it also helps to determine your look as well!


If you’re planning to get married during the season of autumn, try colors in your makeup that match the colors of the season and leaves changing like blue, green, orange or brown. Smoky eyes are very popular in the fall! I just love the not so typical smoky eye shown below with colors of brown and orange that make those green eyes pop! For lips, if going with a darker smoky eye, try to stick with natural colors that won’t overshadow the intense eye makeup.


If you’re a lover of snow and bundling up in the cold weather, maybe you decided to get married in the wintertime. Dark intense eye makeup is popular like in the fall, but maybe try adding a pop of sparkle or metallic to a smoky eye. I love the eyes shown below with a touch of gold or silver to match the season. Dark bright lips are also a hot trend in the winter. Try a cherry red or a darker red wine color!


If you plan to get married in the spring where allergies are at their height and pollen and flowers are everywhere you definitely want to stay natural and true to your skin. Make sure your base foundation and everyday skin remedies are on point to create that flawless look. Subtle but bright makeup is popular, focusing on bringing out your natural features. Use soft colors that match the season like light pinks, blues, and soft browns and greys. A natural lip color is also popular in keeping the look subtle and light.


For those planning a wedding in the heat of the summer, less makeup is better. Stay away from heavy amounts of eye makeup like a smoky eye and focus on a natural light eye makeup with a pop in the lips or cheek color. Bring out those summer colors like bright pinks, reds and oranges. Nothing too dark though!

What look will you go with?!

XOXO, Glam Squad

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