Are You Damaging Your Hair Without Even Knowing??

February 6, 2015

There are SO many things we do to our hair on a day to day basis. Many of those things are damaging our hair without our even realizing!

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are like every girls hair crack. I don’t leave the house without bobby pins in my hair or in my pocket— you never know when you or your girl might need one. Bobby pins actually damage your hair when used repeatedly in the same spot. They grip the hair and can wear it down and break strands if you continuously use in the same spot. To help avoid this problem, move your bobby pins around in different areas!

Hair Bands

Elastic bands EVERYWHERE. I have them in my bathroom, my room, my car, the kitchen.. The point of hair bands is to hold the hair super tight in place. The tight grip the band has on the hair cuts the hair shaft and can cause some serious breakage! To help minimize breakage, use thicker, coated bands (never plastic or rubber!!!!). Give that ponytail a break!


If you aren’t bald, a brush is a necessity for us women. Brushes can cause some serious wear on our hair, especially the outer layer of the hair strand. There’s no need to rip and tear at your hair with the brush, for goodness sake, be gentle! NEVER use metal brushes. They will rip and tear your hair out! Bristle or soft plastic all the way!


When combing your hair, especially if you have teased it (or we have at your appointment), start combing at the bottom and work your way up to the top. You can snap you hair like a rubber band if you brush too hard starting at the top.. again, never use metal combs!

We can take simple measures to prevent damaging our hair in little ways like these. I could say stop blow drying or stop curling, straightening, hot rolling.. but we know you won’t. At least consider giving your hair a break from excessive heat, or use a preventative product that protects heat damage!

XOXO, Glam Squad

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