Protect Your Hair And Skin In Harsh Winter Weather!

January 29, 2015

Is your hair feeling winter’s drying effect, yet? How about your skin? We know ours is! Obviously, moisturizing is essential during these colder months. A great way to keep skin and hair feeling healthy and moisturized is using dry oil. Nowadays dry oil comes in so many bottles and forms! It’s essentially a less, well, oily version of other hair and skin oils! It penetrates the top layer of your skin and your hair shafts giving them the moisture they need while giving a glossy sheen. So not only is it actually good for your body, it helps make hair and skin look their absolute best. The key ingredient, cyclomethicone, is silicone product that creates the soft touch left behind after using the product. Here are a few of my favorite dry oil products that are easy to find and are affordable:


How to use:
For skin, simply spray or rub a pea-sized amount onto face or other dry area. Allow it to soak in before applying any other serums or lotions.
For hair, you can do a few different things; for those with thinner hair, I suggest you add a tiny amount mixed in with conditioner. For people with thicker hair, add some when hair is still damp or after styling.

Make sure you’re taking the time to protect and care for your hair and skin! You won’t regret it in the years to come!

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