Must Have Monday: Foundation!

January 19, 2015

Foundation is a must have in every girls kit. It’s the base of all makeup looks! It’s can be frightening trying to find a shade.. there are usually TOO many shades to pick from or TOO few to pick from. I’ve gathered the best foundations for different skin types! Make sure you have an awesome concealer and primer to use underneath your foundation! Even your base needs a base! 😉

Oily Skin:

The best way to control shine is to get an oil-free foundation!

Dry Skin:

Dry skin can handle richer, creamier formulas much better!


A water-based foundation is so much better than powder or oily foundations! They settle into your fine lines!

Minimal Coverage:

Some don’t want a full coverage look.. some like their freckles! Sometimes you just want a little tint of color to even your skin tone and that’s alright, too!

Here are some excellent primers in case you don’t already have one!

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