Must Have Monday: Setting Spray!

November 3, 2014

Do you even know what setting spray is? Is it even a part of your makeup regime? Most people don’t use setting spray because they don’t know the awesome perks of using it! There are so many different options for setting spray, we’ve compiled a list of our girls’ favorites! Let me tell you all about setting spray..

 Setting spray helps seal your makeup in, preventing smearing, smudging and melting (haha). It sets into fine lines and wrinkles and helps keep oily skin at bay. It’s a must if you have to go long periods of time without being able to refresh your makeup. Sometime’s we have photoshoots that last 6-8 hours and we want to make sure we look great all day. With setting powder (see last week’s) and setting spray, our makeup lasts SO LONG! It’s a worthy investment and a must have for all women everywhere!

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