Lou’s Pick: Hot Pink Lipstick!

November 11, 2014

Lipstick. The word that send shivers of excitement up and down my spine. Even as I type it, my mind is roving through the makeup aisle’s at Ulta, planning my next shopping trip! As you well know, hot pink is my signature color. It’s a hobby of mine to collect any hot pink lipstick or gloss I see, constantly looking for a new one to top the last. I was introduced to the NYX line of Matte lipsticks.. and can I say… jaw dropping. These lipsticks are FANTASTIC!

Isn’t she a beauty?


Obviously, our favorite is Shocking Pink! Check it out:

This lipstick stays on for HOURS. No lie. It does not come up. When we have day long shoots, we love having lip color to stays put!

If you’ve been looking for an affordable matte lipstick, try NYX. It’s so good, I have it in every shade (of pink, naturally)!

XOXO, Lou 🙂

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