Team Tuesday: The Boss Lady LOU!

October 7, 2014

Meet Lou:


Where do we even begin? If you know Lou, you love her. You can’t help it. There is NO party like a party with Lou.. She brings the smiles, the laughter, the craziness (and usually the wine :-p). She is adored by many people for so many reasons.


Lou has been in business for 25 years and has built a ton of relationships with other vendors, businesses and brides.


As far as bridal beauty goes, Lou Stevens is a household name. I have only been with the Glam Squad a little over  a year, but it’s as if I have worked for Lou all my life. I, along with every other Glam Girl, adore Lou and have learned SO much from her. She is truly a master of her trade and has honed her skills in ways we hope to someday accomplish as well.


Lou. Has. Skillz. (I say skillZ instead of skillS because it just sounds way more cool!) I have seen her meet brides on the day of who had no preview, and perfectly imitate any photo she is given. I mean, look at that! It’s ridiculous. I often find myself watching her work just so I can pick up her tricks and use them myself.

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Lou grew up in a family of stylists and truly grabbed ahold of her destiny. She was always meant to be a stylist, it’s evident in her work and by her love for this business. It’s not a job to her, it’s her baby, it’s her LIFE! She is the difference between hiring someone to take care of you on your big day because they LOVE what they do, they LOVE brides.. NOT because it’s her job, not because she HAS to.


She pays so much attention to details. She can capture a brides personality and perfectly emulate it with her hairstyle and makeup. Lou truly works magic! If you were to ask Lou why she loves her job, it would be a very long conversation indeed. It’s her passion. You can see it in the way she talks and the way she looks. It’s rare you will see her without her Glam Squad t-shirt or Glam Squad van (RIP, on to the next one).

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The way she whips hair up into these updo’s is astonishing.. It’s amazing to watch but even more so when it’s YOUR hair for YOUR big day!


Bottom line, book with a company that truly loves what it does. Lou is one of a kind and you WILL NOT regret having her or one of her girls as your wedding day stylist!


XOXO, Glam Squad

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