Team Tuesday: Fiery Alex!

September 16, 2014

Meet Alex:


Alex came to us last year and has been with us for a while as a makeup artist. Alex isn’t just a makeup artist, she is an actual artist. She can paint, draw, sketch; you name it! Her passion for art easily translates in her makeup artistry! We adore Alex, the quiet one with a fiery side, who likes Harry Potter (so do I!).

We asked Alex:

How did you get started in art and how/when did it transpire into makeup artistry?

¬†Well, I’ve always been inspired by art and have been into drawing and painting since I started elementary school. It was always my favorite class! I would weasel my way around lots of regular subject projects by turning it into an art project….hehe. In high school I already knew I was working toward a portfolio to pursue art it in college. At VCU I was an intern, working with seniors and teaching them different art making processes. That’s when I realized that what I truly loved doing and wanted to do was work with the elderly and allow them to have access to the arts. It’s a super healing and creative experience, for my students and myself. It makes people feel great! It’s kind of the same deal with being a makeup artist for the glam squad.

What excites you about doing makeup, especially bridal?

I love getting to apply the same ideas about color and blending that I’ve learned about painting and incorporate it into applying makeup to bridal parties. My favorite part about it when the ladies become aware of how great a fresh, made up face makes them feel! I’m just enhancing the beautiful features they already have and sometimes don’t realize they have. I love getting to be part of their special day!

We adore Alex and are so blessed to have her on our team! She is an excellent makeup artist and brings out everyone’s best features and qualities! What a great job we have to enhance women and their natural beauty, helping them feel like queens!

Check out some of Alex’s work below!

IMG_4677 IMG_4670 IMG_4435.JPG IMG_4360.JPG IMG_4337.JPG IMG_3591.JPG

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