GLAMANDA- A look into Amanda’s makeup!

May 28, 2014

Alright friends, this is how much I love you. My team asked me to do some of my signature looks and take some how-to pics. I’ve never quite explained to someone how to do this before, but here goes nothing!!! Be easy on the before picture. I can feel your judge-y eyes 🙂 hahah!!


So I always do my makeup with my hair wet and leave it to air dry as much as possible while applying my makeup. Gotta save time anywhere we can ladies!! I started with a primer, I like Smashbox. It’s like moisturizer and feels so good as a base for my skin. I used our concealer palette next, the very center color is my shade. I apply this with my finger, on top of my lids, under my eyes, and then on my nose and cheeks to contour.


Next, I used the airbrush makeup! Dinair, shade number 30 for me 🙂 I’m getting color!! Yay summer! I definitely spent time as a shade number 10 at one point! In love how smooth and nice this makes my skin look, a great canvas to start on!


Next is blush! I used a mix of a light coral and light pink shade today!


I also set my foundation with the mac prep and prime translucent powder and a large fluffy brush after applying blush!!

For my brows, I use MAC paint pot in Quite Natural. Applied with an angle brush!


After brows, I work on my eyes! Tonight I applied a light color all over the lid, I used MAC Naked Lunch (top left corner) and then I do a white under the brow as a highlighter. Also used the top two shimmery bronze colors on the lid. I did purple in the crease with a round fluffy brush and blended well. My favorite liner is the MAC Black Trax fluid liner and I used a very thin angle brush to do a small winged line (this takes practice!!). Finish it off with Maybelline Colassal mascara in Glam Black!!!!


Before liner


Before mascara


After mascara


Lips!!! I am in love with Victoria’s Secret Pout lip stain, today I used the Pout in the shade “Endless Love”!


Finish it all off with some Model in a Bottle setting spray!!!
Now this is essentially my every day makeup. With practice, it really is routine now and only takes me 10 mins! It’s easy and you can do it too!!!!



And voila!

XOXO, The Glam Squad

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